Self Service terminal Touch Screen Checkout Machine Ordering Mcdonalds Wall Mounted Ticket Payment kiosk

Item No.: HS-PK01

Our 24-inch Payment Kiosk Self Ordering Kiosk in Restaurant Cash Pos Order is an innovative product designed specifically for restaurants. It combines the functions of a payment terminal and a self-ordering system to provide customers with a convenient and efficient ordering and payment experience.

This self-ordering kiosk features a 24-inch HD touchscreen that is intuitive and easy to navigate. Customers can select various dishes from the menu by simply touching the screen, allowing for customized ordering. They can choose the quantity of items, flavor preferences, ingredient requirements, and more to meet their individual taste preferences.

In addition to the ordering function, this self-ordering kiosk also includes a built-in payment terminal that supports multiple payment methods, including cash, card, and mobile payment. Customers can choose their preferred payment method to complete the order payment, eliminating the need to wait for a waiter to process the bill.

Furthermore, our self-ordering kiosk offers additional practical features. It can display detailed information about the dishes, including ingredient sources, cooking methods, nutritional content, and more, helping customers make informed choices. It can also provide real-time updated menus and promotional information, allowing customers to access the latest deals and specials.

For restaurants, this self-ordering kiosk brings numerous benefits. Firstly, it can reduce labor costs as customers can order and pay by themselves without the assistance of wait staff. Secondly, it can improve order processing efficiency, reducing customer wait times and enhancing overall customer satisfaction. Additionally, it can help restaurants collect and analyze customer ordering data, providing valuable insights for business decisions.

In summary, our 24-inch Payment Kiosk Self Ordering Kiosk in Restaurant Cash Pos Order is a powerful and user-friendly product designed to provide restaurants with a smarter and more convenient ordering and payment solution. It offers a better experience and benefits for both customers and restaurants.

Product Series: Self Payment Kiosk Model No: HS-PK01
Components Specifications
Industrial CPU X86 J1900 / RK3288 optional
Industrial CPU Win7,Win8, Win10
LCD Dislay 23 inch TFT- LED backlight
Touch Screen 23 inch Capacitive multi touch Screen
Resolution 1920*1080
View Angle 178/178
Brightness 250cd/m² (250-1000 Optional)
POS Machine Support bank cards including magnetic card and IC card
Barcode Scanner Laser scan barcode multiple line and multi-direction technology
Receipt printer Thermal, 80mm, out of paper with alarm function. auto cutter.
Camera Optional
Power Supply 100-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz
Dimension 555mm(L)*355mm(W)*1425mm(H)
Net weight 25KG
Kiosk Cabinet Durable cold rolled steel, high&Low temperature resistance, slim and smart design, easy to install, Moisture proof, Antirust, Anti-acid, Anti-dust, Static free